Investment Powders
Investment Powders

Tenical Information

Phosphate-bonded investment powders set in an exothermic reaction. This means that heat is generated during the chemical reaction taking place when the material sets.

In order to achieve optimum results it is very important that slurry temperature is kept as low as possible and must be below 21°C / 70°F; this may be done by using refrigerated water.

In-line water refrigeration systems are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Water temperatures as low as 3°C / 37°F can be used; at this temperature extended work times and a thinner slurry will be experienced.

If the slurry is hotter than 21°C / 70°F it will act as a catalyst to the reaction, speeding up the setting time and thus making the investment thicker. This may lead to casting faults such as rough surfaces or cracking.

Pro-HT is available in two product types, Pro-HT Platinum and Pro-HT Steel, each specifically designed to achieve optimum results in relation to the alloy being cast.

Note: These two products require different water to powder ratios - Please refer to product label on the front of the bag for the water ratio for your product.
Do not disturb for 90 minutes after investing.
After 90 minutes the flasks may be stripped and either burnt out using the below burnout cycle. If you wish to steam de-wax the flasks before burning out do not steam for longer than 60 minutes.