TECHNICAL DATA Technical data
Jewellery Trouble Shooting Wax Pattern Problems  

Problem Cause Remedy
Mould over fills Air pressure too high.    Reduce air pressure
Wax too hot.          Adjust temperature
Plates heldwith uneven Held plates firmly,distributing pressure
evenly over
Pressure/not covering mould. Entire mould surface.
Mould held too long at nozzle. Hold for less time.
Mould not filling Air pressure toolow. Adjust air pressure.
Wax not hot enough. Adjust temperature.
Nozzle plugged. Remove and clean.
Mould held too tightly. Hold without squeezing.
Uneven pressure caused by dirty plates. Clean plates so surfaces are flat.
Air trapped in mould. Make air release cuts(vents) in mould.
Be sure wax pot is more than ½ full.
Mould too cold. Warm mould
Air bubbles in pattern Air pressure too high. Adjust air pressure
Wax pot low on wax.. Add wax. Be sure that wax pot is more
Than ½ full.
Wax too hot or cold. Adjust temperature and stir wax to
release trapped air.
Mould held at wrong angle to nozzle. Held muold on same plane as nozzle.
Wax brittle Wax too hot. Check  temperature of  platens.
Wax has been reused.   Use new wax. Use no less than 90% new
wax with reused. Try avoiding using old wax.
Moulds cooling too long before opening. inject fewer moulds during production cycle.
Using unsuitable wax.

Use wax that is suitable to type of
pattern beingproduced.

Wax discoloured (brownish)                Wax too hot.

Clean wax pot (steam or soak in Percloroethylene);add new wax.

Pattern bend easily,
wax sticks to mould
Wax too hot.

Adjust temperature.

opening mould too soon or mould too hot.

Prolong cooling period by working more moulds.

Wax keeps flowing
after mould is filled
Dirt inside the nozzle.

Remove and clean nozzle.