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Siam Casting Powders Ltd
  Siam Casting Powders Ltd.,  
  SCP is a joint venture between Gold Star Powders UK, and our Thai partners, to manufacture Investment Powders in Thailand.
All production development and formulation is controlled by Gold Star Powders UK.
Siam Casting Powders supplies the finest-quality Investment Powders and materials for the local casting industries, utilising
High Grade unmineralised Cristobalite, supplied by Gold Star's in-house Calcining and Milling Facility in Derbyshire, England.
SCP offers a technical consultancy service throughout Thailand to help improve casting quality and factory efficiency. Please
contact SCP for more details.
  Corporate Symbol   Siam Casting Powders Ltd.
Address : 99/9 Moo5 KhlongYong Bhudhamontol Nakorn Phatom 73170 Thailand
: +66 34 246 037 to 8 and +66 34 246 002 to 5
: +66 34 246 039
Mobile: +66 86 321 2416 and +66 86 321 2417
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Gold Star Powders (GSP), a division of Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd, is part of the Goodwin PLC Group, who have over 125
years of history in moulding and casting metal dating back to 1883.

GSP, with its sister companies, is now the largest manufacturer of Investment Casting Powder in the world, producing over 30,000
tonnes worldwide per year; this equates to 1.5 million sacks (22.7 kg) of investment powders.

Our ability to compete is aided by our economies of scale and the fact that, within our group of companies, we have our own silica
deposits, and state-of-the-art calcining facility, to manufacture our own Cristobalite. This vertical integration ensures a secure and
competitive supply of the most important and expensive component of investment powder.